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Have you ever wondered how much pizza you should order, or how you’d get the best value for your money? 

Did you know, for example, that a 14 inch pizza contains almost three times as much pizza as an 8 inch pizza? In this case, it’d be better for two people to order a ‘half and half’ 14 inch pizza, rather than an 8 inch pizza each – if the price was right of course.

Bigger is usually better. This is especially true when it comes to pizza. 

Quick size comparison

12 inch = 2 x 8 inch
18 inch = 2 x 12 inch

20 inch = 2 x 14 inch
20 inch = 4 x 10 inch

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We’re looking to add more features in the not too distant future, but here are the two key features at the moment…

Live features:

Pizza size guide
Pizza size comparison calculator

Features coming soon:

Calorie calculator
Pizza gadget store
Pizza facts (a bit of fun)